About Us

Welcome to Pokemon Type Calculator, the ultimate tool for Pokemon trainers!

Our website was founded with the goal of helping Pokemon trainers improve their competitive play and win more battles. We understand the importance of type effectiveness in the game, and we wanted to create a tool that would make it easy for trainers to calculate the type effectiveness of their Pokemon’s moves.

Our team is made up of passionate Pokemon fans who have been playing the game for years. We understand the challenges that trainers face in battles, and we wanted to create a tool that would help them overcome those challenges.

Our tool uses a complex algorithm to calculate type effectiveness, taking into account the type(s) of the user’s Pokemon, the type(s) of the opponent’s Pokemon, and any moves the user’s Pokemon knows. We also take into account any additional factors that may affect type effectiveness, such as abilities and held items.

We are constantly updating our tool to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date with the latest Pokemon games. We also listen to feedback from our users and make improvements based on their suggestions.

At Pokemon Type Calculator, we are committed to providing a tool that is quick, easy to use, and valuable for all types of Pokemon trainers. Whether you are a casual player or a competitive battler, our tool can help you improve your gameplay and win more battles.

Thank you for choosing Pokemon Type Calculator. We hope that our tool helps you on your journey to becoming a top Pokemon trainer!